Houston Sex Therapy & Sex Addiction Treatment

Welcome to the Center for Healthy Sexuality, founded in 1990 by Barbara Levinson, Ph.D in Houston, Texas. Dr. Levinson is a sex therapist holding many certifications, and she has a strong belief in helping individuals fulfill their optimal potential. Her strong dedication to this belief is based on her own personal value system, and is evident in the many years in the field of sex therapy, sex addiction, and healthy sexuality. Her goal is helping individuals progress towards making positive changes in their lives.

Barbara realizes that one must contribute to society in order to make it stronger. She is committed to helping individuals understand their behaviors and to instruct them how a healthy sexual attitude can dramatically impact their lives and intimate relationships. Treatment at the Center for Healthy Sexuality is directed toward the improvement of mental and emotional wellbeing for individuals, couples, and families.

Dr. Levinson has provided sex help and treatment to individuals and couples that have public and professional lives, making it difficult to get the help they need. Her knowledge of special demands of public life and her ability and commitment to confidentiality is always foremost in her mind.

Sex Therapy and Specialized Treatment Includes:

  • Sexual Addiction/Sexual Compulsivity
  • Cybersex / Pornography Addiction
  • Sexual Abuse / Trauma
  • Sexual and Intimacy Problems
  • Mixed Orientation Marriages
  • Atypical Sexual Arousal
  • Love Addiction / Love Avoidance
  • Sex Offenders

Sex Addiction, Sexual Compulsivity & Pornography Addiction

Sex addiction treatment is only one of our prime focuses. Recovery from sex addiction and sexual compulsivity is directed at learning to control and eliminate sexual behaviors that result in loss or unwanted consequences in the lives of the sex addict. Cybersex and pornography addiction today is rampant, and it has been said that the internet is the new “crack cocaine” of society. Often times individuals can develop compulsive pornography addiction, cybersex addiction, or gaming addiction, and spend hours focusing on these behaviors. Pornography addiction, even during work hours has become a major problem today. Not only is treatment of the sex addict important, but providing treatment of families and partners of sex addicts is crucial for their own trauma resolution. Another focus of treatment is helping those who have Atypical Sexual Arousal which has caused conflict in the partnership or with the individual themselves. It had been thought that the Arousal Template is formed early in childhood, however with the proliferation of information and easy access that the Internet affords, many have realized that others exist who share the same arousal they thought to be unusual or outside of their value and belief system. Therapy is directed towards the client’s goals and helping them understand their feelings and behaviors.

Couples Therapy & Intimacy Issues

Couples therapy and Intimacy Issues are also our focuses. There are many causes for intimacy issues, and one may be that one person finds out that the other has same sex attraction and is struggling with their sexual preference. When this happens in a relationship, it can be devastating. We have mixed orientation marriage counseling, and other special groups that focus on women and men who have been in mixed orientation partnerships, and suddenly find out their spouse/partner may be gay. Treatment is directed towards helping the mixed orientation partners both understand what has happened, deal with the overwhelming emotions, and help them to decide what their course of action will be. Other intimacy issues can focus on differences in desire, inability to talk about sexual issues, pain disorders, arousal disorders and a myriad of problems that can arise in a relationship. Sexual treatment and treatment of other intimacy issues focuses on helping the couple communicate and sorting out what the particular issue is and ascertaining if the problem is medical, psychological or both.

Dr. Barbara Levinson utilizes EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) in the treatment of sexual trauma, and is proficient in utilizing experiential techniques for shame reduction and integration of ego states. She has specialized training in Family of Origin Work to help individuals understand how their family of origin dynamics affect their current lives.

Specialized Group Therapy & Other Sex Help

  • Sex Addicts
  • Partners of Sex Addicts
  • Straight Wives Group
  • Women’s Healthy Sexuality
  • Couples group
  • Healthy Men’s Sexuality
  • Trauma Groups

These sex therapy groups are just a few of what is offered, and at different times depending on the need, other sex therapy groups will be held.

In addition, the Center for Healthy Sexuality provides out-patient treatment for individuals, couples and families focusing on intimacy issues, relationship issues, and disordered communication.

Specialized groups for the treatment of Sex Offenders are also available. Dr. Levinson is a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider (LSOTP), working with Parolees, Probationers, and self-referred sex offenders. She has a special focus on Internet Addiction, Cybersex Addiction crimes regarding child pornography and pedophilia. She accepts referrals from Attorneys, Judges, and the Court System for comprehensive assessments and evaluations regarding these matters as an offered service. The Center for Healthy Sexuality also administers the Penile Plethysmograph (PPG), a useful computerized tool to determine arousal patterns. The prime goal in Sex Offender Treatment is “NO MORE VICTIMS”. The Sex Offender must learn to accept personal responsibility for all deviant acts. They can learn that their sex offending behavior and problems can be handled in a non-sexual way. In addition, they learn to develop healthy sexuality and are provided the tools to manage their lives effectively in the community.

All Sexual Health and Mental Health Services

Sexual Treatment

  • Sex Therapy
  • Sex Addiction & Compulsivity
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Sex Abuse & Trauma
  • Partners of Sex Addicts
  • Atypical Sexual Arousal
  • Sex Offenders

Relationship Therapy

  • Sexual & Intimacy Problems
  • Family of Origin Developmental Trauma
  • Love Addiction / Love Avoidance
  • Gay / Lesbian Issues

Specialized Treatment

  • Mood / Anxiety Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Mixed Orientation Relationships / Marriages
  • EMDR
  • Post Induction Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness Techniques

More Services Offered

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Weekend Intensives
  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Court Requested Evaluations
  • Guest Speaking
  • Training Professionals

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